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Are you looking for a professional rental property manager for your Auckland home? 

Are you an experienced property investor who’s tired of managing your own properties? Do you own Auckland residential property, but live overseas? Or do you want to rent out the family home while you’re travelling? Whatever your situation, Zippi’s property managers have your best interests at heart.

Our property managers know exactly how to look after your place to ensure the best tenants, maximum returns and minimum fuss. We’ve been in the Auckland residential rental property management sector since 2008 and some of our team have been in the property industry for decades. We bring all that experience to property management for your home or investment property.

We don’t do sales – we specialise in property management for landlords in Auckland city’s CBD and the wider region. We can also help with commercial and residential building management to ensure repairs and maintenance are up to date.

If you are looking for property management for a house or apartment in the Auckland area or a commercial property manager – don’t hesitate. Get one of Auckland’s best rental agencies on board today.  To find out more about Zippi Property Managements latest homes to rent in Auckland City & surrounds contact us today!

9 reasons why property owners choose Zippi

Optimum yield

To achieve optimum rent yield for your property, we have two things on our side: knowledge of the market and the ability to negotiate successfully with tenants. Reviews are conducted regularly, to ensure rental income stays in step with market trends.

Quality tenancies

Our proven tenancy selection process allows us to draw up a shortlist of candidates that have verified references and reliable income. You can be involved with the final selection, or you can leave it up to us. Before we confirm a tenancy, we carry out a full credit check.

Minimal downtime

We employ a number of strategies to
establish good relationships with tenants and maximise the length of their tenancy. When notice is given on a property, we respond quickly to find new tenants and minimise or avoid days without rental income.

Legal expertise

Our tenancy agreement protects your interests, as well as the tenants’ rights. Our knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act is unsurpassed. When required, we can represent you at Tenancy Tribunal Hearings or mediations.

Payment monitoring and arrears pursuit

Zippi property managers check
incoming rental payments daily. Our
‘zero tolerance’ policy ensures late
payments are quickly

Regular inspections

We’ll inspect your property every three months and send you a condition report. Regular inspections help to protect your equity in the property, and they also
allow us to identify and address small
maintenance issues that could
become big problems.

Cost-effective maintenance and repairs

When maintenance, repairs or upgrades are required, we have a network of trusted tradespeople who are ready to help at short notice. We’ve negotiated special prices with many of them, so that your money goes further.

Efficient accounting

Owner income is held in a trust account and paid once a month by electronic transfer. Monthly statements are usually emailed. We will ensure your accountant has all the necessary information for end-of-year financial reporting.

Competitive fee

Our competitive pricing separates us from the competition. Contact us today to
negotiate a deal that works for you.


We look for proof of reliable income and credible references from previous landlords and employers. We also do a credit check.

Owners must provide 42 days’ notice to the tenant if they want to move in for their own use, or for the use of their family. It is best you let us know about such intentions early, so we can avoid signing up tenants on long-term fixed contracts.

Unless specified at the start of the tenancy, the tenancy is considered to be ‘long term’, i.e. one to two years. Significant compensation can be awarded to the tenant if the tenancy tribunal finds that a house was sold following an unreasonably short tenancy. If a property is sold when there is a fixed term tenancy in place, the tenants are entitled to stay on until the end of that term.

We recommend you budget for two weeks per annum.

This is regulated and is allowed only once every 180 days (six months) during a tenancy. Even then, a rent increase has to be reasonable, and a tenant can apply to the tenancy tribunal to request an order for you to re-adjust the rent.

Property inspections are conducted every three months. If we are satisfied the tenant is very tidy, this may reduce to six monthly.

Zippi will arrange to repair small items immediately. If the cost of repair is more than one week’s rental income, we will get your approval first.

When a tenant is 21 days in arrears, we can apply to the Tenancy Tribunal for an eviction. Obtaining an eviction order can take up to three weeks following an application.

We make payment on or before the third working day of the month following. At the same time, we will email you a statement of income and expenses.

The owner is responsible for insuring the property, including any chattels, and the tenant is responsible for their own ‘home contents insurance’. We strongly recommend your property is fully insured. After the recent experience in Christchurch, it might be wise to check on your insurers’ cover for earthquake damage too.

If you would like Zippi to pay any fees or costs on your behalf, you must advise us in writing. There is a fee for this service.

What’s on your mind?

Call Zippi on (09) 358 0333 to talk about any aspect of Auckland property management.

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