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Move-in costs

All properties rented by Zippi require a four-week rental payment for bond and rent paid in advance
throughout the duration of the lease.


As a Zippi tenant, you can expect a property inspection four times a year. We will let you know about the inspection a few days before we inspect. .

References and proof of employment

To rent a property through us you will need at least two references. These can be from previous landlords and/or employers. We will also request proof of employment or income and identity (valid photo ID, such as NZ driver’s license or passport).


The usual requirement is one week’s rent in advance and four week’s rent as bond. So if you were looking to rent a property for $500 a week, your move in costs would look like this:
Advance $500.00
Bond $2000.00
Total move in costs $2500.00

Please check with your property manager. This can vary according to the apartment building or house.

If you are renting an apartment, the building manager will probably have a master key. Otherwise, contact your Zippi property manager.

As tenant, you pay for your water usage. Our practice is to pay the entire bill from the owners’ account, then we charge the tenant for their exact usage.

By internet banking, preferably through an auto payment. We also accept cash or EFTPOS (not credit) in our office. Please use your five digit reference code with all payments, so it can be matched to your tenancy. We will provide this code when you begin your tenancy.

We follow up rent arrears immediately and lodge an application with the Tenancy Tribunal if there are ongoing problems. That is our contractual obligation to the owner.

The notice required will depend on whether your tenancy is for a fixed term or on a periodic basis. Periodic – 21 days. Fixed terms – between 90 and 21 days before the end of your fixed term. Release prior to your fixed term is subject to owner confirmation.

Ensure rent payments are up to date, then leave the house clean and tidy (we will provide a checklist). We arrange a final water meter reading and check the house. Once the water bill is paid and assuming inspection reveals no problems, we both sign the bond refund form. The refund is paid directly into your bank account.

Questions to ask when viewing a property

Is it a fixed-term tenancy or a periodic tenancy?

Is the property furnished or unfurnished?

Who pays for hot water and/or cold water usage?

What items of whiteware are included?

How many people are allowed to live in the property?

Is there a garage or car park included

When can I move in?

What’s on your mind?

Call Zippi on (09) 358 0333 to talk about any aspect of Auckland property management.

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